How houseplants can make you feel like you’re on holiday

Urban Jungle Bloggers Igor Josifovic-Kemper and Judith de Graaff show how houseplants can help you feel like you're on holiday.


Things you can throw away without guilt

From useless kitchen utensils to impractical office products, here's a list of the top household items that are worth parting ways with.


Home decorating tips from stylish Instagram accounts

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Keen on cut flowers? Here’s how to grow your own

Garden designer and cut flower aficionado Carien van Boxtel shares her top tips.


Five great reasons to take up pottery

Hollywood actor Seth Rogan's hand-fired psychedelic vases have gone viral, inspiring many to try their hand at pottery.


Why you should schedule fun into your day

Five good reasons why you should schedule more fun in your day.


Effective ways to fight litter in your area

Six ways to fight litter and plastic waste that don't feel like a chore.


Why old-school pen and paper will always be best

Whether it's for therapeutic purposes or simply to stay organised, Abi Jackson ponders the endless appeal of writing by hand.


Health mistakes you’re probably making before 9am

Simple changes to your morning routine can improve weight, energy and stress levels.


How to build a raised bed in your garden

There has been a surge in people wanting to eat homegrown food, but not everyone has the space to do it. Here's how to build a raised garden bed.


Everything you need to know to grow your own loofah

Ditch non-recyclable scouring pads and back scratchers by growing your own loofah sponge.


The make-up brush cleaner that has gone viral

This is what happened when we tried a make-up brush cleaner that went viral on TikTok.

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