How to create a great succulent display in a pot

We’ve seen the rise of succulents as indoor houseplants, but you can also make great use of them outside, whether in a shallow bowl, basin or pot on your patio or balcony.


Remember holiday postcards? These photos will make you smile

Fall in love with writing again, with these postcards from the past.


Barbecues through the decades – from kettles to gourmet griddles

We look at barbecues through the ages, from the first kettle models to the high-tech gourmet griddles of today.


Why old-fashioned toys are making a comeback

Luke Rix-Standing takes a look at the (sort of) new releases turning toy boxes into a nostalgia fest.


Become the epitome of organisation with a wardrobe clear-out

Need to create a more streamlined wardrobe? Here are some simple tips to make the task as easy as possible.


The Japanese plant craze captivating millions

It’s the art of creating hanging displays with moss-covered root balls – and they can look stunning. Here's a step-by-step guide to making your own.


Not just Warhol: Celebrating 72 years of the pop art movement

Prudence Wade talks to art historian Dr Laura-Jane Foley about this disruptive movement and how its legacy endures.


How to choose a quality compost that’s right for the job

There’s a range of manures, multi-purpose compost, ericaceous compost, mulches and other organic materials available, but how do you decide which compost is best for you?


Scrabble turns 72 – and what a history (and future) it has

Do you know your zyzzyva from your athodyd? Luke Rix-Standing takes a look at the history of the most popular game ever to rely on a dictionary.


How to get the grandchildren into the garden this spring

Gardening can be a lot of fun for kids, giving them the chance to get outside and grub around in the dirt. Here are five ways to encourage your grandkids into the garden.


How to master the quiet weekend – with zero guilt

Abi Jackson explains how to savour a quiet weekend and take steps to find joy in our downtime.


Mistakes to avoid when growing vegies in containers

Many vegetables actually grow very well in containers. You can successfully grow a fair amount of food just by picking the appropriate pots, mixing the right plants and ensuring proper spacing.

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