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Australian men set to lose their highest life expectancy mantle

Australian men are top of the world for life expectancy, but that is predicted to change by 2030, and you won’t believe who is replacing us …


Almost no one will live to see their 116th year

How long can humans live? Thanks to modern medicine, we are living longer than ever before – but ageing experts believe almost no human will ever see past 115 years.

Australian health a shining example

Australia has increased overall life expectancy, but we can do more to help ourselves

Health news

Bad habits reduce life expectancy

Who would think that an extra glass of wine at night or spending a couple of hours in front of the television could reduce your life expectancy? Well, according to a University of Cambridge statistician, this is exactly what happens.

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Increase your life expectancy

A Danish study has shown that jogging can increase your life expectancy by more than five years. Find out what the optimum level of exercise is to help you live longer.