Five compelling reasons to keep your life insurance policy after you retire

You may have retired and are thinking that it’s time to retire your life insurance policy. Here are six reasons to keep it.


Is your loyalty to insurers costing you thousands?

Outgoing head of insurance monitoring service Professor Allan Fels warns more must be done and says the cost to consumers could be as high as $3.6 billion.


Safeguarding against life’s uncertainties survey

Do you have life insurance? Why? Why not? Tell us what you think for your chance to win.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Does Centrelink treat insurance bonuses as income?

Brendan wants to know how Centrelink will assess bonuses from his life insurance policy.


Expect some ‘awful stories’, insurers warn

Insurers are concerned that government plans to crack down on life insurance policies sold through superannuation funds will leave some consumers dangerously exposed.


Insurance firms told to stop selling ‘death’ policies

The corporate watchdog will ban the sale of accidental death and funeral insurance following two scathing reports on the practices of some insurers.


Policy change could see insurance premiums drop

New legislation designed to stop financial advisers pocketing large commissions from life insurance policies could help consumers save money – but you’ll have to wait to see any benefits.


Will your life insurance claims be paid?

Are you confident your life or TPD insurance will pay out should something happen to you? Well, the statistics may suggest otherwise.

Legal & General

Estate planning – do your debts die with you?

What happens to debts when you die? Is your family responsible for paying them off? Legal expert Rod Cunich explains what ensues when you leave behind your debts.

Living in retirement

Money advice for your kids

Why would life insurance be relevant to retirees? In this article, financial guru Noel Whittaker explains why it’s of a significant relevance – for you and your children.

Finance News

Tips for reviewing your life insurance

It’s only normal to be overwhelmed by the process of taking out life insurance

Finance News

Superannuation and life insurance

While life insurance within superannuation can offer tax benefits, there are some drawbacks that may make a standalone policy a more suitable option.

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