Legal & General

Do your debts die with you?

What happens to debts when you die? Is your family responsible for paying them off? Legal expert Rod Cunich explains what ensues when you leave behind your debts.

Living in retirement

Money advice for your kids

Why would life insurance be relevant to retirees? In this article, financial guru Noel Whittaker explains why it’s of a significant relevance – for you and your children.

Finance News

Tips for reviewing your life insurance

It’s only normal to be overwhelmed by the process of taking out life insurance

Finance News

Superannuation and life insurance

While life insurance within superannuation can offer tax benefits, there are some drawbacks that may make a standalone policy a more suitable option.


Three major myths about insurance

Everyone wants to take care of their family – not just for now, but long into the future – and taking out insurance can be a great way to protect your loved ones. Unfortunately though, there are certain myths that cause people to put it off.


Government gives back your money

Today the Abbott Government is expected to reverse legislation that moves inactive account balances after just three years.


Quick guide to life insurance

While life insurance may be taken out by anyone, the younger you are, the less thought it’s given. However, as you grow older, your thoughts turn to securing your financial future.


Tips for purchasing life insurance

According to a new study 85 per cent of Australians don’t feel that they have adequate life insurance, or don’t have any at all. Starting the conversation about life insurance can be tricky. Once you get over that hurdle and start doing the research the policies themselves can be so confusing it’s no wonder we’re all throwing our hands in the air and leaving it for tomorrow.

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