I am not a goal-setter, but should I be?

Sophie doesn’t set life goals but wonders whether it is necessary to do so at her age. She asks Dr Emmanuella whether setting goals will help motivate her.


Connections: Lessons learnt on a long journey

Anna is 17. Florence and Ted Gibbs are 87 and 88. She asked them what could they tell her about life then and now, about lessons learnt, regrets and the power of staying involved.


Make your battery last longer

In the second video of the YourLifeChoices simplifying technology series, Anne Rady shares a few tips that will help you stretch your smartphone or tablet battery to its limits.


Reflect and reset for 2015

2014 has been filled with laughter, tears, acts of kindness and acts of cruelty, but no matter what life throws at me, I feel blessed to have been born an Australian.


King of the house

Recently, images have resurfaced from when LIFE photographer Michael Rougier spent time with Tippi Hedren and her family, namely, Neil the lion, who appeared to run the household.


Life in jellybeans

Ever wondered what your life looks like in jellybeans? The average person will live for 28,835 days. Watch this incredible video that uses jellybeans to show how we spend our time.

Why choose a Lend Lease village?

As Australasia’s largest owner, operator and developer of senior living communities, Lend Lease has a wide range of villages across a variety of locations with designs to suit all needs and preferences.


Grandparents' support

Caring for a child will mean many changes to your life, socially and financially. Often, the circumstances that see you being responsible for a child’s care are less than ideal. So where do you turn for help and support?

Rent increases and CEO sleepouts

Last night 1046 CEOs of Australian companies slept out to help raise awareness and funds for those who live without a roof over their heads.

Your Pet

Does your dog have talent?

Do you live in Melbourne and have a talented pooch which fancies a life on the stage? Then this could be call they’ve been waiting for.


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