How to make your home healthier

Asleep or awake, you’ll probably spend around two thirds of your life at home. So it should come as no surprise that there is a solid connection between your home and your health.


Which cruise ships have the best shopping?

Shopaholics are catered for on most cruise ships these days, but which ones do it best?


Bob’s plea: ‘Ahhh! I just need some me time’

When retirement finally arrives, spending more time with your partner might create some issues. Bob asks psychologist Dr Emmanuella Murray how to broach his need for ‘me time’.


Four foods to eat for better sex

A health tracking app discovers what people like to eat before and after sex.

Health news

What your waistline says about your likely cognitive decline

Data from over 5000 adults over the age of 60 indicates that as waist to hip ratio increases, so does the likelihood of suffering cognitive impairment.


Take a moment and learn to appreciate simply being here

We often try to pack a lot into a day. We race around, ticking things off our to-do list. But what if we took a moment for being, rather than doing? It pays to slow down and focus on the present.


Customers left questioning supermarkets’ integrity

Despite a new report claiming consumers trust bricks-and-mortar retailers more than online sites, one major supermarket has been left red-faced and another has gone back on its word.

Health news

Homestyle remedies for the painless removal of splinters

Most people have their own remedy for removing splinters, many of which involve sharp instruments. These six solutions, however, are painless removal procedures.


Foods you should never feed your pets

While it’s nice to offer your furry friend a piece of chocolate every now and then, or maybe the fat from your roast lamb, feeding your pet these types of food can be truly harmful.


Wise up with this refresher on personal safety

No one wants to be fearful, but follow these tips and put your personal safety first.


What guarantees a happy retirement? It isn’t what you think

Retirement is your reward for hard effort and about getting what you want – that is, being happy. But why do so many people find that difficult?


Doctor offers surprise advice on the benefits of slowing down

Jane is scared to slow down and smell the roses, even at 63 – and her daughter is worried about her. She has asked psychologist Dr Emmanuella Murray for advice.

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