Report finds one in four Australians is lonely

A new report has found that one in four Australians is lonely.

Health news

Pollies’ focus on dementia seeks to build understanding

The medical symptoms of dementia are well known and the latest research is regularly reported, but it is another side-effect – isolation – that is the focus of a Dementia Australia campaign.


Foolproof steps for making friends after 50

Although making friends later in life is difficult, perseverance is worth it.


Is loneliness the ‘silver tsunami’?

If you regularly feel lonely, you’re not alone. And the likelihood is that if you are concerned about loneliness, your health will be suffering.


Street ‘happy hour’ hits the spot

It started with a single glass of wine on a porch, and now the whole street is invited.


Millions of older Australians will be alone this Christmas

Millions of older Australians will be alone this Christmas, especially those who live in aged care facilities. However, the Minister for Aged Care, Ken Wyatt has launched a national campaign aimed at tackling loneliness this holiday season.


Is the fear of being alone enough reason to give my marriage another go?

Joe’s second marriage may be on the rocks, but the thought of being alone and losing his new family terrifies him. Is the fear of being alone enough reason to give his marriage another go?


Police cook pasta for a distressed elderly couple

In a touching show of kindness, police in Rome comforted a distressed and lonely elderly couple by whipping up a pot of pasta.

Living alone causes health risks

According to 2006 Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data, 31 per cent of Australians over 75 years of age live alone. Two separate studies were published in ScienceDaily on Monday which showed that living alone and loneliness can cause serious health problems and possibly shorten life expectancy.


Loneliness can make you sick

Two studies, undertaken independently of each other, were published on Monday. One showed that living alone increased risk of heart disease and death. The other showed that loneliness increased risk of death and functional decline.


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