What do this pole dancer, surfer and martial arts expert have in common?

Older Australians are dynamic, youthful and courageous, according to new research, and we shouldn’t be surprised.


Actuaries Institute finds a fatal flaw in retirement planning

Crucial tables used in software to estimate retirees’ longevity and calculate how best to ensure their savings last, need a critical update, says the Actuaries Institute.


An underrated way to live longer

If people ate well and exercised, hospitals would be 80 per cent empty, says Professor Luigi Fontana.

Health & Ageing

Ipsos survey reveals at what age a person is considered 'old'

The Ipsos MORI 30-country survey on attitudes towards ageing. has revealed the age a person can be considered old. In Australia, it’s 66.


Climate change and ageing population creating ‘a perfect storm’

Heatwaves are killing more Australians than any other natural disaster and are expected to become more frequent and last for longer. And particularly at risk are over-65s.

Health & Ageing

Expert explains why your 70s are the happiest time of your life

Ageing is a concept that evokes fear in many women, but clinical psychologist, Mary Pipher, who specialises in women and girls, says it’s in your later years that you’re happiest.


Are we doing enough to prepare for retirement?

Baby boomers are ensuring that retirement in the 21st century will be vastly different to that experienced by our parents and grandparents. But are we well enough equipped to deal with the challenges?


Australian men on top when it comes to life expectancy

Australian men are now living longer than any other group of males in the world, according to new research from the Australian National University.


Blood test can predict when a person will die

Would you be prepared to have a blood test that could predict your death within five to 10 years?


Why do women live longer than men?

As we better understand why people die, we’re learning how biological and behavioural factors may partly explain why women live longer than men.

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‘Tickle’ therapy reduces the effects of ageing, improves quality of life

A bizarre new therapy has been found to reduce the effects of ageing in over-55s, and also led to wellbeing improvements, including better quality of life, mood and sleep.

Health news

A new study reveals how exercise boosts longevity

A new study shows getting active in middle and old age – regardless of how active you were before – can help you live longer.

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