The three pillars of wellbeing that can increase longevity

So many of the choices we make that can improve our mental and physical wellbeing in the present are actually things that will improve our longevity.


Five compelling reasons to keep your life insurance policy after you retire

You may have retired and are thinking that it’s time to retire your life insurance policy. Here are six reasons to keep it.

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The pros and cons of not having a crystal ball

‘Who would want a crystal ball?’ asks Janelle Ward. There would be too many things we wouldn’t want to know, but it would certainly help retirement planning.


Retire the retirement village

We’re living longer and we’re healthier – time to rethink how our buildings, suburbs and streets are organised.

How much is enough?

Life is for living, while the money lasts

Increased longevity is heaping real pressure on retirees’ finances with 78 per cent of older Australians concerned their finances will not last as long as they do.

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Scientists may have found a way to keep your heart young

Scientists may have found a way to reverse the clock on ageing heart muscles, with research on fruit flies potentially leading to new therapies for older people with heart disease.


What do this pole dancer, surfer and martial arts expert have in common?

Older Australians are dynamic, youthful and courageous, according to new research, and we shouldn’t be surprised.


Actuaries Institute finds a fatal flaw in retirement planning

Crucial tables used in software to estimate retirees’ longevity and calculate how best to ensure their savings last, need a critical update, says the Actuaries Institute.


An underrated way to live longer

If people ate well and exercised, hospitals would be 80 per cent empty, says Professor Luigi Fontana.

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Ipsos survey reveals at what age a person is considered 'old'

The Ipsos MORI 30-country survey on attitudes towards ageing. has revealed the age a person can be considered old. In Australia, it’s 66.


Climate change and ageing population creating ‘a perfect storm’

Heatwaves are killing more Australians than any other natural disaster and are expected to become more frequent and last for longer. And particularly at risk are over-65s.

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Expert explains why your 70s are the happiest time of your life

Ageing is a concept that evokes fear in many women, but clinical psychologist, Mary Pipher, who specialises in women and girls, says it’s in your later years that you’re happiest.

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