Dracula was right – scientists find young blood delays ageing

New research has identified a novel approach to staving off the detrimental effects of ageing.


The activity that can add almost a decade to your life

There is indisputable evidence that exercise is vital to our health. But new research goes one step further and pinpoints the activity that is most effective in adding years to your life.


Insurance plan proposed to take care of ageing Aussies

Former prime minister Paul Keating has repeated his call for a “national family” to be established to take care of the financial needs of elderly Australians who run out of superannuation savings.

Health & Ageing

Scientists close to predicting lifespan through studying genes

By studying the effect of genetic variations on lifespan across the human genome, researchers have devised a way to estimate whether an individual can expect to live longer or shorter than average.


Can orgasms actually help you live longer?

Aside from being pleasurable, orgasms have wide-reaching health benefits, but can they actually make you live longer? According to some studies, yes.


Broken bones tied to increased risk of death for up to 10 years

The increased risk of dying after older adults break a bone is real, long-lasting and it’s not limited to hip fractures.


Does travelling make you live longer?

Fact or fiction? Those who travel live longer than those who stay put at home. The answer lies in how travel benefits us.

Retirement Planning

The shift from saving to spending in retirement

New superannuation proposals seek to address the fact Australians are living longer.

Finance News

Living longer means spending more on healthcare

We’re living longer and rising healthcare costs are putting pressure on government funding and on many households.

Living in retirement

The three chapters of retirement: managing your longevity

Today’s retirees will live longer but it’s how the three distinct ‘chapters’ of retirement are managed that will make all the difference. David Williams explains how.


Research suggests that you could live longer than you think

Five separate research teams have dismissed claims that the human lifespan appears to be stuck at around 115 years of age, in fact, that the limit could be considerably higher.


Smarter people live longer

While it’s long been believed that lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and smoking are the key to determining how long you live, new research suggests your DNA is more important.

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