Smarter people live longer

While it’s long been believed that lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and smoking are the key to determining how long you live, new research suggests your DNA is more important.

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How long will you live?

David Williams, the founder of the SHAPE Analyser, shares how to measure your longevity, and how it shapes your retirement.

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Worry over money may be missing the bigger problem

As we age, like fine wine, we’re meant to improve. But worrying over money instead of focusing on our health and longevity is becoming the new norm.

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Australian men set to lose their highest life expectancy mantle

Australian men are top of the world for life expectancy, but that is predicted to change by 2030, and you won’t believe who is replacing us …

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Optimism could save your life

Are you a glass half full or half empty kind of person? Let’s hope you’re the former as several studies have linked optimism with living longer and being able to ward off cancer, stroke and heart disease.


Superannuation: how to make your savings last

Making the best decision on how to use your superannuation to help pay for your future lifestyle is critical.

Age Pension

Age Pension: why pension age should vary

As Age Pension access is restricted, it’s time we asked why should we adhere to the notion that one pension age remains fair for all.

Living in retirement

Research proves income and occupation dictate longevity

How to live longer is a hot topic in ageing societies around the world, but most advice presumes that we all have an equal chance. The sad fact is that we don’t.


Want the secret to living a longer, happier life? Well, join the club

New research suggests that the more social groups to which retirees belong, the more likely they are to live an extended life in retirement. So, is it time you joined the club?

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Why women live longer

Scientists have finally come up with an answer to this boggling question. Find out why women live longer (and the answer may not be one you expect).

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