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Food capsules to beat obesity

A new capsule could be the answer to Australia’s obesity epidemic, as scientists believe they may be able to trick the lower intestine into sending ‘full’ signals to the brain.


Five weight-loss websites

These five websites will help, whether you’re looking to drop two or 20 kilos.


Reset your metabolism

Having a ‘fast’ metabolism means you burn more calories while performing basic functions such as breathing and digesting. So how can you increase your metabolism?

Health News

Incontinence and weight loss

Losing even a small amount of weight can drastically reduce your chances of becoming incontinent and help to treat those already suffering incontinence.


Great gadget: diet fork

Eating too quickly can lead to weight gain and poor digestion. This new fork helps you to eat more slowly and lose weight.


Lazy person’s guide to weight loss

We share the cheats and tricks to losing weight and toning up – the easy way


Is going gluten-free a fad?

The diet of the moment is going gluten-free. Many celebrities are saying that it helps you to lose weight and gain energy, but is there any fact behind these claims or is this just another dieting fad?


Healthy eating on the run

How healthy are your current eating habits? Do you find yourself rushing around with no time to plan and that you often eat on the run? Learn how to eat more healthily and lose weight with these 13 helpful tips.

Weight Loss

Finding the key to faster fat burning

Ever wished you could melt away that unwanted fat more quickly? Fear not: hope is on the nhorizon.


Future fit – General health concerns

Before starting any regime you must take into consideration your overall level of fitness and any general health conditions which need to be considered.

Fat programs engulf our TVs

In the space of seven days, two separate reality TV shows have been unleashed upon the viewing public. They will be showing every week for the next few months focusing on extremely overweight individuals trying to change their lives and lose weight