Computer Tutorials

Free up space on your device

Whether you use a PC, Mac, Android, iPhone or iPad, deleting items you don’t use will free up space and make your device run faster.


Quick fixes for a slow running computer

If you can make a cup of coffee in the time it takes your computer to boot up, then it’s running too slow. Here are five things you can do to speed up your slow PC or laptop.


Tech Q&A: what happens if I don’t safely disconnect USB drives?

Trevor wants to know if he's damaging his USB drives by not ejecting them before unplugging. Today, Ryan explains what can happen when he doesn't safely disconnect.

Computer Tutorials

How to take a screenshot

This little-known feature of iPhones, iPads, Androids and PCs allows you to take a picture of what’s on your screen, which you can then send to people or use to diagnose tech issues.


How to tell if your Apple charger is a dangerous knock-off

According to Apple, a popular online retailer has been selling fake Apple chargers, claiming that they are genuine devices. Up to 90 per cent of the chargers are reportedly dangerous knock-offs.

Free Downloads

Top three free antivirus programs

If you’re worried about your computer’s safety, these three antivirus programs will take care of it, without costing you anything.


Ten basic tech tips you need to know

Save time and stress and learn to navigate your computer like a pro with these ten elementary tech tips.

Computer Tutorials

How to check for updates

Are your devices running too slowly? You may not have even noticed your software is out of date. Here’s how to check for updates on all of your devices.


How to create shortcuts so that you can find files easier

If you’re always searching high and low for files on your computer, then our tips for creating shortcuts or aliases on Mac or PC will help you find them faster.

Computer Tutorials

Tech tips: how to bookmark your favourite websites

Did you know you can bookmark your favourite websites, making it quicker and easier to access them? Learn how to do this on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

Technology News

30 useful keyboard shortcuts for all browsers

Your keyboard contains hundreds of shortcuts that make using the internet on your computer a more streamlined experience. Whether you use a Mac or PC, these 30 shortcuts will save you time.

Computer Tutorials

How to make a simple photo slideshow on Mac or PC

Want to set up a slideshow for a birthday or anniversary, or perhaps to show off your latest travel photos? Find out how you can make a simple slideshow on your Mac or PC.

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