Malaysia plates up the perfect gourmet getaway

With its mixture of bustling hawker markets, high-end dining and local specialities, Malaysia is the perfect destination for Aussies looking for a gourmet getaway.


Lose yourself in Langkawi

Langkawi is the perfect destination for Aussie couples looking for a romantic getaway, and a dose of well-earned rest and relaxation.


Getaway to gorgeous Georgetown

For a holiday rich in culture, history and relaxation you can’t go past Georgetown, in Penang.


Head to Malaysia Borneo for an unforgettable adventure

Malaysian Borneo is a nature and adventure lover’s paradise. From Mt Kinabalu, to the national parks and caves of Sarawak, to the pristine diving sites off the coast of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo is the perfect destination for travellers looking for an action-packed holiday.


Take a trip off the beaten track in Malaysia

For travellers looking for an off-the-beaten-track experience, Malaysia is the perfect destination.


Budget breaks in Kuala Lumpur

Above all else, Kuala Lumpur is a great value destination. Last year, Malaysia was listed as one of the best value destinations in the world by Lonely Planet and this year Kuala Lumpur was ranked as the fourth most inexpensive international city by Trip Advisor’s TripIndex.


Indulge in your dream island getaway on Malaysia’s east coast

The east coast of the Malaysian Peninsula is home to some of the country's most unspoilt beaches, forests and islands, and makes a welcome spot for a relaxing break on any Malaysian holiday.


Malaysian festival and events calendar set to spice up your holiday

Malaysia’s rich and diverse culture is celebrated with a large range of festivals and celebrations every year.


Set off to sensational Sabah

The coastline of Sabah is a paradise of alluring beaches and island retreats. Sabah is the perfect destination for families, couples and singles looking to laze the days away on white sandy beaches, or by the pool of one of the many fabulous resorts in Kota Kinabalu. For the more adventurous, head to the east coast, for some incredible diving.


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