Malcolm Turnbull to meet with Donald Trump

The Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull will meet with US President Donald Trump next week in the first face-to-face encounter between the pair.


Age of entitlement is over: no more gravy plane for MPs

Malcolm Turnbull stirred up controversy in Parliament by announcing that the Life Gold Pass will be cut, effective immediately, rather than the proposed phase-out.


PM announces review of carbon emissions

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has brought the nation’s climate change policies back to our attention by announcing the Government’s plans to review the possibility of a new carbon tax.


Would you pay $78 to visit your doctor?

Would you pay $78 to visit your doctor? Recent Medicare statistics reveal that the Government’s rebate freeze has resulted in a decline in bulk billing services offered across the country.


Mr Abbott wants a cabinet job to stop him being a ‘wrecker’

Tony Abbott wants to return to the Cabinet, requesting the Indigenous Affairs portfolio as a way to secure a truce between him and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.


How the Prime Minister ‘almost’ bought a vote with a gun

A rowdy question time on Tuesday saw Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull vehemently proclaim that Australia’s firearm ban “will remain in place” for the foreseeable future.


Malcolm Turnbull gives the past year a thumbs up

After ousting Tony Abbott from the role, Malcolm Turnbull will, on Wednesday, mark a year as Prime Minister. How does he think the year has gone? Quite well, actually.


CBA chief Ian Narev’s $12.3 million pay packet

Commonwealth Bank chief Ian Narev collected $12.3 million for the financial year, soaring from last year's $8 million pay day.


PM Turnbull demands big banks to pass on full rate cut

After the big four banks refused to pass on the full 25 basis points rate cut on Tuesday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has demanded that they pass on the full rate cut.

Federal Election 2016

Narrow majority could force legal action over result

When Parliament returns later this month, the Government will have just a one-seat majority, with the seat of Herbert yesterday being declared a win for Labor.


Election 2016: Malcolm Turnbull claims election victory

A week later than perhaps the Prime Minister would have liked, the Coalition Government has claimed victory, albeit after Bill Shorten first admitted defeat.

Federal Election 2016

Election 2016: what was all that about?

Only last week we were told that a vote for the LNP would be a vote for stability. Well so much for that!

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