Leave seniors alone

Every couple of weeks or so, I turn on the TV to find what I would call one of the biggest constant media bashups. ‘Senior or Elderly driver loses control of car and shouldn’t have been on the road’ – this is the normal headline every time a news crew is able to get to the scene of a crash and interview people who saw it happen.

Plates for older drivers

Yesterday on mornings with Neil Mitchell on the 3AW radio network the issue of plates for older drivers. This was raised after a ‘Senior Citizen Mark’, currently implemented in Japan, was sent in to the program.

Online Magazine

How to make your smartphone your best friend

As with any technology in our lives, things eventually break. Until it stopped working, Amy had been relying on her computer as her access to the online world. She was left with a tough decision: fork out the cash for another computer or upgrade her mobile phone plan and use a smartphone for her daily internet access.


Flattering faces

Over a lifetime your skin goes through a number of changes. The two most dramatic periods of change are puberty and menopause. During menopause many women find that their skin dries out, while others develop combination or acne-prone skin. As we age how we care for our skin and apply make up needs a rethink.


Creating a winning CV

For most people creating a professional and engaging résumé is something akin to being asked to swallow castor oil. We know it will be good for us, but it’s about the last thing we want to do.