Travelling with pre-existing medical conditions

Can you still travel as a retiree with a pre-existing medical condition? The answer is yes, but there are some things you need to know about choosing the best cover for you.


The medical devices that may be a ticking time bomb

A range of commonly used medical devices is responsible for 83,000 deaths worldwide and 170 in Australia, according to a global investigation.


The health costs hurting you despite increased budgets

Governments are spending more on healthcare, but bigger budgets are failing to help in two key areas.


GP visits too costly for 1.3m needing treatment: report

Fifty per cent of Australian patients pay part of the cost of non-hospital Medicare services, according to a new report. And 1.3 million reported delaying or not seeking treatment because of costs.

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The medical procedures luring big numbers overseas

As health insurance premiums continue to rise, so too, does the number of Australians heading overseas for medical procedures.


Speak up and ask questions in order to stay safe

It’s likely we will all experience a hospital stay at some stage in our lives, more so as we get older. So what can we do to minimise the risk of a medical mistake?

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When is old too old in relation to your doctor?

Australia-wide study analyses complaints involving GPs and makes key recommendations.


Software stuff-up exposes your medical records to hackers

A flaw in Telstra Health's Argus software used by more than 40,000 health specialists has potentially exposed your medical information to hackers.

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Retirees urged to reveal horror medical gap costs

Australians are risking their health by avoiding medical care because of rising gap costs, says the Consumers Health Forum, which wants people to share their horror stories about out-of-pocket pain.


Australians raid early-release superannuation

Australians are raiding their super in record numbers to pay for plastic surgery, gastric banding, IVF and other elective medical procedures.

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Is dental tourism worth the risk?

Dental and medical tourism is on the rise. Little wonder, considering the cost of health insurance, GP and dentists’ fees in Australia is skyrocketing. But is a ‘cheap health holiday’ worth the risk?


Prostate cancer patients misled

Concerns have arisen that prostate cancer sufferers are not being properly informed about their treatment options, and are being pushed into having costly surgery.

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