Higher costs, more errors when medicines scarce due to COVID

Medical experts explain what to do if your medicine is out of stock - and what not to do.


Blood pressure drug linked to increased cancer risk in older Aussies

Drug’s properties can make skin more sensitive to the sun and heighten risk of melanoma, scientists say.


Everything you need to know about electronic prescriptions

You no longer have to visit your doctor to have a prescription filled.


New limits start today for these medicines

Smaller pack sizes for opioid-based prescriptions come into effect today, with your long-term health front and centre.


Pandemic panic buying means hundreds of medications are in short supply

People panic buying medication during the pandemic has led to a shortage of around 600 medicines, including many used to treat life-threatening and chronic conditions.


What is the PBS? And how does it work?

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) began in 1948, providing 139 ‘life-saving and disease preventing’ medicines free of charge for the whole community.


Experts advise now is the time to update your medicines list

If you take one or more regular medicines, now is the time to make sure you have an up-to-date list of all the medicines you take.


Why you may want to stay away from pharmacies – for now

Patients are presenting with prescriptions from GPs even after they’ve been tested for COVID-19 and asked to go into isolation.

Health news

Researchers find cancer-fighting potential in non-cancer drugs

Medicines often prescribed for diabetes, inflammation and even one that treats osteoporosis in dogs, can also kill cancer cells in the laboratory, according to an exciting new study.


Researchers discover potential new therapy for osteoarthritis

Scientists have found a drug that can interrupt the body’s response to injury and potentially slow the progression of osteoarthritis.


Why you must review your medicines regularly

Doctor warns that it’s critical to review any medicines regularly to see if changes are warranted.


How Australia’s medicine prices rate against the rest of the world

While the cost of these medicines may be burning a hole in your pocket, you may be surprised to learn that Australia has some of the world’s cheapest prescription drugs.

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