The medical mistake made by many Australians

New research by Griffith University reveals that around 40 per cent of Australians have expired medicines in their homes, while 20 per cent keep unwanted medicines.


Travelling with medicines – what you need to know

If you’re planning to travel overseas with medicines, learn the steps you need to take, as restrictions apply and you may have your medicines confiscated.

Federal Budget

Medicine prices to fall in Budget 2017–18 changes

Despite being as effective and cheaper than brand-name counterparts, only six out of 10 Australians opt for generic medicine, but Budget changes are expected to result in an increased uptake.


Painkillers like ibuprofen can increase the risk of heart disease and should be restricted

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, are available over the counter, but they may be unsafe for some people and could even cause heart failure.

Health News

Antibiotic resistant superbugs are a global health problem we need to fix

Antibiotic resistant superbugs are one of the biggest problems facing the world today, with millions becoming infected each year, and about 700,000 dying from drug-resistant infections.


Study reveals the antipsychotics may actually prolong delirium

People who have been prescribed antipsychotic drugs such as haloperidol and risperidone may be at risk of dying, says a new study into the effects of medicines used to treat delirium.


Do natural remedies and prescribed medicines mix?

Many people are turning to natural remedies to help manage health conditions or improve their wellbeing, but how do you determine whether they have any dangerous interactions with prescribed medicines?


The three antibiotics that really don't mix with alcohol

When taking antibiotics it’s common to be advised not to consume alcohol, but is this really a rule that needs to be followed to the letter?


PSB changes – pay less for common medicines

More than 400 medicines have dropped in price and could save you in the region of $20 each time you pick up your prescription from the pharmacy.

Health news

Aspirin – should you be taking it?

These days, a new use for aspirin seems to pop up daily, with one of the latest being to help prevent dementia. So, should you be taking aspirin?

Health News

Be medicinewise as you get older

Did you know becoming older can influence how the body is affected by medicines? Raising awareness of the way the body handles and reacts to medicines is a focus of Be Medicinewise Week.

Mental Health

The high cost of dementia

Currently one in 10 Australians aged over 65 are living with dementia. With an ageing population, the economic impacts of dementia on the Australian economy are a cause for concern.

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