COVID – something to tell the grandkids about?

World wars, nuclear bombs, celebrity shootings, assassinations – where will this pandemic sit in history?


Friday Reflection: The simplicity of being a kid back then

Dianne Motton takes aim at some autumn leaves in the gutter – and recalls a childhood unencumbered by global concerns.


Friday Reflection: School monitors, wags and the first frisbee

YourLifeChoices member John Gough shares his memories of school days in Warrandyte – warm milk, straw ‘cigarettes’ and ink monitors.


When only a Derwent will do

Hey millennials, iPads and mobile phones weren’t on baby boomer wish lists. This is what Dianne Motton coveted when it was time for drawing sessions at school.


Why memories flood back when you visit places from your past

How you can suddenly remember things you haven’t thought about for decades.


How to use your favourite memories to feel positive

Even in the dead of a dreary winter we can use our happiest memories and strongest relationships to feel more positive.

Brain Training

You can't 'erase' bad memories, but you can learn ways to cope with them

You can't 'erase' bad memories, but there are strategies you can learn ways to cope with them.


Remember the good times – while we can

The eight-month-old won’t remember the trip to the aquarium and Mum may or may not remember the day’s activities, but for Elizabeth Quinn, all memories are precious.

Brain health

Long & The Short: The brain can work in mysterious ways

An article about bells can revive distant memories in dementia sufferers, yet they may not remember what they had for breakfast.


How to shoot your travel videos like a pro

Do you want to brush up on your video skills and create perfect travel memories? Here are four simple tricks to make your videos as awesome as your travels.


Streisand has dead dog reproduced as cloning takes off

‘The way we were’ is just how songstress Barbara Streisand would like to keep things with her beloved pet dog … so she had the animal cloned when she died.


Protect your precious travel memories with VOLO

Always struggling to keep your travel photos and videos from getting lost or damaged? Well look no further than VOLO, the online memoir and app that keeps your precious memories in one place.

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