Mental Health

Why am I forgetting things?

All of us are forgetful from time to time and increasingly so as we age, but memory lapses are not always just old age catching up with us.


Which video games are best for your brain?

There has been plenty of research to suggest that certain games can improve memory, attention and stave off some of the effects of dementia.

Mental Health

The morbid facts behind dementia

The extent of ignorance surrounding dementia is alarming, according to Dementia Australia, which last week revealed survey results showing few people understand the fatal consequences of the disease.

Living in retirement

There are benefits to keeping your brain active

Increasingly, scientists are discovering more evidence of the benefits of keeping your brain labouring, long after you retire from work.

Health news

Foods that affect your memory

As we age, it’s common to worry about impaired memory function and many of us look to brain exercises to help. But what if it’s your diet that’s really the problem?

Brain health

Are brain-training games the solution to memory loss?

Some brain games make some very bold claims about their effectiveness, promising to stave off memory loss, dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease, but do they really work?

Health & Ageing

When should you speak up about memory loss?

A little forgetfulness is perfectly normal, but increasing bouts of memory loss can be a cause for concern. So, when should you keep it to yourself and when should you speak up?

Health & Ageing

Don’t forget about your memory

Memory lapses can happen for a variety of reasons, but if you have recurring or ongoing memory loss.


Chocolate could be good for memory

A new study suggests that a compound found in chocolate may reverse age-related memory loss.


New prevention for Alzheimer’s

A new study has found that a chemical found in fruit and vegetables, from strawberries to cucumbers, appears to stop memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s.

Health news

Does menopause really affect your memory?

Can menopause really muddle your memory, or is it just your imagination? A new study has finally found the answer.