The future of technology

Microsoft has unveiled its newest technology, the HoloLens, at the Build 2015 conference. This technology will bring virtual reality off your computer screen and into your world.


Windows 10 will be free

Loaded with impressive features, existing Microsoft customers can celebrate the arrival of Windows 10 by receiving it for free!


Bill’s big day

Co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, celebrates his 60th birthday today.

Technology News

Introducing Windows 10

Skipping right over Windows 9, Microsoft has recently launched its brand new operating system Windows 10, revolutionising the way you’ll use your computer from now on.

Safety Online

Internet Explorer security risk

A security flaw has been discovered which is affecting the Internet Explorer browser.


April 8 death date for Windows XP

From next Tuesday, the 13-year-old Windows XP platform will no longer be supported by Microsoft, leaving any user still using the software vulnerable.

Government data requests increase

Should you be worried about the government snooping through your emails?


Windows Task Manager shortcut

Drew shares the new shortcut for opening Task Manager on your PC


Are Australians being overcharged?

An ongoing IT pricing inquiry into the high price of technological products in Australia, in comparison with the rest of the world, has summonsed several big IT companies, including Apple, Microsoft and Adobe, to appear at a public hearing.


Microsoft scam callers shut down

In a joint international operation between the Australian, Canadian and American authorities, the alleged operators of the ‘Microsoft scam’ calls have been shut down with their bank accounts frozen.


Hotmail changes

The most used online email service in the world, Hotmail, has undergone its first major revamp in eight years and will receive a name change. Drew explains why this has happened and how the changes will affect your emailing experience.

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