Video: Learn to meditate from a Buddhist master

We’re told we’d be much happier if we learned to meditate. In this video, a Buddhist master gives a humorous explanation of how to do it in just a few seconds.


How to eat chocolate

It’s Easter. So to actually enjoy your chocolate, why not try this little experiment to see whether it heightens to your chocolate-savouring experience?

Mental Health

Meditation: what are the benefits?

Meditation is an ancient eastern practice. Nowadays, it is becoming very popular as a useful tool to calm and focus the mind, as well as to gain other benefits. Here’s what they are.


Why spending time alone is good for you

Sometimes, closing yourself off from the world and enjoying your own company can do wonders for your wellbeing. Here are five great reasons.


Using apps to practice mindfulness

There are arguments for and against meditation as a great way to de-stress, relax and unwind, but these free apps may help you discover whether a mindful practice is right for you.


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