ASIC forcing Optus to pay back $2.4 million to around 175,000 customers

A major telco will be compelled to pay refunds after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) found it had overcharged around 175,000 customers for phone insurance.


CHOICE questions Telstra’s “premium price” after major outages

After a series of network outages, consumer group CHOICE claims Telstra customers should be allowed to break fixed contracts.


What to do if you lose your phone

If you’ve ever lost your phone, you’ll have felt your stomach sink. But in that moment, just take a breath and then follow these steps.

Mobile Phones

Europe ends mobile roaming charges

In great news for travellers, Europe has announced that it will be scrapping mobile roaming charges, so you can say goodbye to ludicrously high mobile phone bills.


Award-winning smartphone photos

This is mobile phone photography at its best. Why not check out the mobile-phone-category winners of the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards?


Which smartphone is for you?

Buying a new smartphone can be tricky. Do you need whiz bang technology, or do you just want to make calls? Our smartphone buying guide makes the decision easier for you.


Nokia’s $99 smartphone

Boasting a massive 48 days of standby time, the Asha 501 is a game changer.


Stopping ‘junk calls’

Drew explains how to stop telemarketers disturbing you

Mobile Phones

Telcos on notice

New rules to clear up comparison misinformation for consumers.


iPhone 5 – Is it worth upgrading?

The release of the iPhone 5 has been met with mixed reactions. However, that didn’t stop many Apple fanatics camping outside the stores to be the first to own the new phone. Drew reviews the iPhone 5 and explains how much it will cost.

Cruising Tips

Can I access affordable internet while cruising overseas?

I am going on a cruise later this year and want to stay in contact with my family. I have heard that internet prices on cruise ships are high and would like to know if there is a way that I can ‘roam the globe’ whilst avoiding ‘global roaming’ on my phone?


Custom ringtones

A phone goes off in a crowded train, and everyone reaches for their pocket. Wouldn’t it be easier if you knew it wasn’t yours without checking? Try this simple step-by-step guide to give your phone a custom ringtone, and personalise your technology.

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