No connection between wifi signals, mobile phones use and brain cancer

The ABC's science program Catalyst is under review after an episode misled viewers into drawing a connection between wifi signals, mobile phone use and brain cancer.

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The benefits of a digital detox

Mobile technology may make life easier, but constant connectedness can also increase your stress levels. If that’s the case for you, then it may be time for a digital detox.


Queen hates selfies

If you’re fed up with the growing trend of taking selfies, then you’re in good company, with the Queen herself said to find it “strange” that she sees nothing but the back of mobile phones when she looks up.


Study finds mobile signals safe

A new study has concluded that mobile technology doesn’t increase the risk of cancer.


Is your mobile phone causing hearing loss?

Mobile phone use has increased exponentially over the past decade, and medical professionals are concerned that this may be the cause of widespread hearing loss.


Phone hacking trial heats up

A former News of the World employee has admitted to intercepting voice messages.


120,000 mobile users lose service

Kogan Mobile’s Telstra 3G network wholesaler ispONE went into administration last week. So what does this mean for customers?


Avoiding mobile ‘bill shock’

A new study by Optus reveals that over-60s are using multiple devices to connect with friends and family online. And a tailored phone package means they can now avoid mobile ‘bill shock’.


New driving rules for mobile phones

780 drivers have been fined at least $298 and had three demerit points taken from their record in the first 11 days of new strict phone rules in New South Wales. Drew explains the new rules and how they affect every Australian.


Phone jamming

Phone jamming is an intriguing activity which has met with much controversy. While many people have been amused and inspired by recent reports of it, phone jamming is actually illegal in Australia and in extreme cases could lead to a two year jail sentence.


4G has arrived

Telstra has recently launched its 4G network complete with a brand new 4G smartphone. While the initial coverage is limited, it is giving mobile phone users access to much faster download speeds and better mobile capability.