Is your home prepared for a natural disaster?

A report from insurance company Suncorp reveals that many Australians have not prepared their homes for increasing natural disasters.

Travel News

Consumers denied holiday refunds while companies hold fees

There are no set laws governing how third-party booking sites should handle refunds for COVID-impacted bookings.


Government warning to beware of online cyber grinches

Australians need to be aware of the cybercriminals seeking to steal their Christmas joy.

Estate planning & wills

How property ownership can affect your will

Wills and estate lawyer Yajaira Appeldorff tells why it’s important to understand how property is owned when writing a will.

Health Insurance

Health funds profits up, sparking fresh calls for inquiry

Insurers post jump in profits while fund members decry 'inadequate' COVID concessions.

Finance News

What to do if you can't pay a bill

If you are having trouble paying a bill or experiencing ongoing financial difficulty, there's help available.

Seniors Finance

What you'll be paying for electricity in 2024

The Australian Energy Market Commission's residential electricity price trends report has good news for retirees.


Government warns super funds about charging new fees

Superannuation minister Jane Hume accuses super funds of attempting to 'save their own skins' instead of acting in the best financial interest of members.


Super needs to focus on better post-retirement products: APRA

APRA deputy chair Helen Rowell called for super funds to provide more innovative retirement products.

Seniors Finance

How to ease midlife money worries

If you're dealing with financial stress, you're not alone. Here are six tips to ease midlife money trouble.


Why Aussies fall for scams so easily

Research reveals that Australians are among the top five nationalities most likely to fall for scams.

Finance News

Why pandemic shoppers are still costing us all

Essential grocery items costing more and still being hoarded, study finds.

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