Mortgage stress infiltrates retirement

The recent report by Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) has given rise to all manner of lurid headlines.

Mortgage & home Loans

Retirees’ mortgage debt crisis

The number of mature age Australians carrying mortgage debt into retirement is soaring and the implications are ‘huge’, say experts.

Banking & Investment

Could you borrow from a bank?

Borrowing in your 50s is not as easy as borrowing in your 30s and even 40s ... but there are some strategies that could convince your bank to part with its money.


Beat back these big money fears

Research suggests the big money bogeymen keeping older Australians awake at night are mortgage repayments, living costs and affordable healthcare.


How older Australians can refinance their mortgage

Don’t believe the myth that older borrowers can’t refinance their home loan. Under the right circumstances they can.


Australia’s mortgage nightmare

The latest mortgage figures tell a dark tale of Australian homeowners being among the world's most indebted with more than $1 trillion in borrowings.

Mortgage & home Loans

How to change your home loan

Are household expenses in retirement starting to get you down, but are unsure how they can be reduced? Is scrimping and saving not working?

Mortgage & home Loans

Refinance your mortgage

Looking to refinance your current homeloan, buy a new property or simply interested in finding out how your current mortgage stacks up against those on the market?

Mortgage & home Loans

Reduce your mortgage by 10 years

RateCity’s Money Editor Sally Tindall believes it’s possible to slash over 10 years off your mortgage and save thousands of dollars in interest by following these simple tips.

Retirement Planning

The new Australian dream

According to new research from MLC, paying off the mortgage is the new Australian dream, with almost 80 per cent of Australians placing outright home ownership as their most important priority.

Finance News

Will you get a mortgage over 50?

Whether you’re downsizing, starting out on your own again or simply moving to a new home, you may find that getting a mortgage over the age of 50 isn’t so easy.

Finance News

Locking in low interest rates

If you're still paying off a mortgage, the low interest rates are good news, but is it worth looking to fix your rate?

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