Pregnant with quadruplets at 65

When most 65-year-old women are thinking about retirement, Annegret Raunigk in Berlin, Germany, is awaiting the birth of her quadruplets.

Top 10 funeral songs

To which soundtrack would you like to farewell the world? Or is it for a loved one’s funeral you need to organise the tunes? Whatever songs you choose, you may wish to evoke a certain feeling – such as the essence of the person who’s passed away. Will it be sentimental, lively, fun or bittersweet?


Living longer is not better

“If I ever get like that, just shoot me”, my father used to say to my brother and I. We were in our early 20s and Mum was grappling with yet another call from yet another nursing home which was tired of my nana’s disruptive behaviour.

International custody battle

Last night, the four sisters aged 9 to 15 in the middle of an international custody battle were placed in the custody of a Department of Communities officer to be flown back to Italy.