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The benefits of small-ship cruising

As most of the country moves to more relaxed restrictions, Australian cruising is back on our agendas. Coral Expeditions Jeff Gillies explains the benefits of small-ship cruising and how cruise operators are preparing for ultra-safe sailing regimes when they can once again head to sea.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Is your life adequately covered?

The start of a new financial year is a great time to review our household expenditure. How and where we save money is critical in retirement and retaining affordable insurance can be a challenge. On YourLifeChoices’ Mind Your Own Retirement podcast today, Deeksie and Kaye quiz NobleOak CEO Anthony Brown on ways retirees can ensure they are adequately covered.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Hidden gems of the Northern Territory

Are you ready to hit the road and travel? We are, although parts of Victoria are in lockdown and will have to dream for a while longer. We’re thrilled to have Tourism NT’s Tony Quarmby on the show, revealing his personal hidden gems in the Territory – and no, guess again, we’re not talking Kakadu, the Alice or Darwin.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

How to 'dress slimmer'

YourLifeChoices members have been enjoying Rebecca O’Hearn’s great styling tips for several months. Today, she totally nails it by sharing ways we can ‘dress slimmer’ to disguise any COVID lockdown bulges. And she also gives Deeksie invaluable feedback on his bri-nylon Gloweave shirt!

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

New Zealand awaits travel-hungry Aussies

Peter Harding from Grand Pacific Tours shares his knowledge of the many adventures you could experience from Cape Reinga on the tip of the North Island to Invercargill at the southern end of the South Island, with 'Hobbiton', where Lord of the Rings was filmed, somewhere in between.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

How retirees can maximise their tax return

Author and accountant Dr Adrian Raftery, a.k.a. ‘Mr Taxman’, shares updates on ways retirees can maximise their tax returns as the end of the financial year beckons.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

What you need to know about your eye health

Dr Devinder Chauhan – retinal ophthalmologist for the Vision Eye Institute – joins John to talk about Macula Month and why it’s so important that you keep your eye on your optical health. Dr Chauhan discusses macula degeneration, whether it can be avoided and what you can do to stave it off or treat it.


How aged care residents are being safeguarded

We’re joined by the CEO of Leading Age Services Australia, Sean Rooney, who reveals how aged care residents really feel about lockdown and social distancing (you might be surprised!), how aged care is setting new standards in care and the silver linings he’s noticed during the coronavirus crisis.


What our post-COVID world will look like

In episode 49 of Mind Your Own Retirement, host John Deeks chats with Professor David Hayward, who has taken time out of his full, rich schedule to share what he thinks should be the government’s post-pandemic priorities. Prof. Hayward is an economist and expert commentator on policy, budgets and politics and he pulls no punches when he tells what he thinks the government should do when we come out from under the COVID-19 cloud.


Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 49

It’s episode 49 of Mind Your Own Retirement with your effervescent host and the holder of Australia’s favourite pipes, John Deeks.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Over-50s style tips

A slightly nervous John chats with fashion and beauty guru Rebecca O’Hearn – celebrity stylist and editor of Rebecca's focus is on helping over-50s find their style – if they haven’t already – or hone it if they have.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Interest rate rip-off

Interest rates are the scourge of many Australians. They're too low where it matters and too high where it hurts. So in today's YourLifeChoices’ Mind Your Own Retirement podcast, we turn up the heat on interest rates. CHOICE consumer finance expert Patrick Veyret joins host John Deeks to explain the credit card interest rate rip-off, how you can get a better deal on your card and why you should support CHOICE.

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