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Natural hay fever remedies

With spring now upon us, many of us will have felt our noses starting to twitch and our eyes itch. But before you reach for the antihistamine, why not try something natural?

Health news

Natural teeth-whitening techniques

A trip to the dentist can be harrowing, and expensive, so why would you have your teeth whitened professionally when you can do it yourself?


Do natural remedies and prescribed medicines mix?

Many people are turning to natural remedies to help manage health conditions or improve their wellbeing, but how do you determine whether they have any dangerous interactions with prescribed medicines?

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Painful sinuses: natural remedies to ease the ache

With hayfever season in full swing, a stuffy nose and painful sinuses can only make you feel worse. Rather than heading to the medicine cabinet, why not try these natural remedies?


Simple home remedies for common health ailments

What’s the best way to cure hiccups, alleviate a headache and remove scars? Here are some natural cures for common health ailments. And best of all, you’ll only have to go as far as your pantry.

Alternative Therapies

Treating arthritis naturally

Finding a product, which alleviates the associated joint pain of arthritis, can be difficult, but Rose Hip Vital’s natural remedy is providing relief for many happy users.

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Five unknown painkillers

These five natural pain relievers have been used throughout the centuries to help alleviate aches, joint discomfort, headaches and even during primitive surgery. But what are they?

Alternative Therapies

Home remedies for hives

Anyone who has ever suffered from hives will know just how uncomfortable they can be. To help stop the itching here are five home remedies for hives which might just save the day.


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