Technology News

NBN under strategic review

Malcolm Turnbull has called for a strategic review of the NBN’s business situation and asked the NBN Co board to resign in a post election shake-up.

Aged Care

How the NBN helps your health at home

The NBN helps provide health technology which makes managing chronic conditions easier


5G wireless data breakthrough

5G wireless technology will transmit data at more than 1GB per second.


NBN three-year plan update

1.3 million homes and businesses have been added to the three-year NBN plan

NBN: cheaper, faster rollout but a lemon

Malcolm Turnbull unveils his NBN plan – warts and all

$4.6 billion NBN blowout

The Federal Government owned NBN Co yesterday announced that the National Broadband Network (NBN) project will cost an additional $4.6 billion to build and operate than expected.

Health News

Is eHealth for you?

The average Australian has 22 interactions each year with those in the healthcare industry. The introduction of the eHealth record system aims to streamline the process of record keeping. But just what will it mean for your personal medical information?

National Broadband Network

Are you NBN ready?

Over the next three years 6000 homes, businesses and schools per week will be connected to the high-speed fibre optic network, and the rollout will directly employ 16,000 workers. But there are areas which will miss out, or will have to wait longer than 2015. And with only 90 per cent of the country being covered by the NBN, there are some areas which will not get connected at all.

National Broadband Network

What the NBN will mean to you

With the rollout of the NBN (National Broadband Network) underway, you may be wondering if you will, as an individual, benefit from this particular advance in digital technology. Why not get yourself down to your nearest NBN Digital Hub to see what’s in store?

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