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Is negative gearing driving the affordable housing debate?

The reason negative gearing is in the spotlight is the same reason other tax changes have previously been off limits: it’s worth a lot of money to a lot of Australian investors.

Federal Budget 2016

Budget 2016: Negative gearing and capital gains tax reform

New research shows that the top 10 per cent of earners collect almost half the negative gearing tax deductions and three-quarters of concessionally-taxed capital gains.

Federal Budget 2016

Budget 2016-17 – confusion over Government tax plans

Coalition backbenchers are becoming increasingly frustrated about the lack of clarity surrounding the Government’s tax plans and are calling for it to shed some light on the way nforward. n


Joe Hockey’s last hurrah

As former treasurer Joe Hockey said goodbye to his 20-year parliamentary career, he also threw in a few ‘head scratchers’ for his party to ponder.


All taxes up for consideration

Tax concessions that tend to benefit the wealthy and were previously ruled untouchable by Tony Abbott, are now back on the table as the new Prime Minister reveals that nothing is off the table in regards to tax reform.


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