Federal Government

Australia becoming a 'dumping ground' for polluting cars

Australia has resisted signing up to standards that would require more stringent restrictions on pollutants in petrol.


10 photos that will make you see the world differently

10 incredible submissions from the CEWE Photo Awards that will make you see the world a little differently.

Federal Government

Morrison's integrity watchdog would be Australia's weakest

More than 1000 days after promising a federal anti-corruption body, the government looks likely to create one, but it is already under fire for being too weak.

State Government

NSW Premier resigns after alleged breaches of public trust

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced her resignation in light of ICAC investigations into her potential breach of public trust.

Finance News

Australia's manufacturing industry worst in the developed world

Australia's manufacturing base is the worst in the developed world, study finds, raising doubts about our ability to survive in a crisis.

Federal Government

Porter's funding from a 'blind trust' is an integrity test for PM

For an intellectually smart man, Christian Porter often shows extraordinarily bad judgement.

Federal Government

Ministers increasingly denying public access to information

Report accuses the government of potentially using unlawful methods to block access to information.

Federal Government

Temperatures to rise 1.5 degrees in a decade. But what matters most?

Under all scenarios examined, Earth is likely to reach the crucial 1.5 degrees warming limit in the early 2030s.


The countries best placed to survive the end of the world

From catastrophic weather events caused by climate change to an ever-mutating virus causing pandemic chaos, it feels like the end of the world is near.


Why this common food item could be about to be banned

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has been considering whether whipping cream canisters should be placed in Schedule 10 of the Poisons Standard.

Federal Government

Report finds Australian parliament lacks real code of conduct

The Australian parliament lacks enforceable ethics rules, says a new report.

Federal Government

Another day, another rorts scandal - this time with car parks

The auditor-general has reported that a $389 million car park construction fund has been administered ineffectively.

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