Nationals re-Joyce: Barnaby back as deputy prime minister

Barnaby Joyce will return as the new leader of the Nationals after a shock leadership spill in Canberra on Monday morning.


Australians’ biggest concern? It’s not climate change or money

Survey reveals most of us are more worried about misinformation than climate change or how much we need for a comfortable retirement.

Superannuation News

Government extends temporary reduction in super drawdown rates

The federal government has announced that it is extending the temporary reduction in minimum drawdown rates for superannuation pension payments.


Somerton Man exhumation hoping to solve decades-long mystery

The highly anticipated exhumation of the remains of the mysterious Somerton Man will be carried out today.

Superannuation News

System to make super assets clearer during divorce needed ‘urgently’

Superannuation is considered a household asset, but after divorce or separation some women are walking away without their fair share.


Is it time to reinvent Anzac Day to bring back the crowds?

The number of Australians attending Anzac Day dawn services has fallen by about 70 per cent between 2015 - the centenary of the Anzacs' landing at Gallipoli - and 2019.

Superannuation News

Super fund recovery steps up pace

Long-term trends such as the digitisation of economies and work automation - themes sped up by the pandemic - may prove to have a big impact on the growth of retirement savings.

Health news

Drinking wine may help protect you from cataracts

People who consume alcohol moderately appear less likely to develop cataracts that require surgery.

Superannuation News

Keating says Australians are owed superannuation increase

Former prime minister Paul Keating has reignited claims a rise in the superannuation guarantee is the only way Australians are going to be able to adequately afford retirement without overburdening the pension system.


Sex, power and anger – a history of feminist protests in Australia

Rage and roar are two words commonly used to describe the events of Monday 15 March, when tens of thousands joined the March4Justice.

Superannuation News

Super funds run by women outperform male-dominated investment teams

With small gains in annual returns making a big dollar difference in retirement, new research suggests you should look for super funds with female leaders…


Bombshell Harry and Meghan interview reignites republic debate

Australians rejected the last referendum to make the country a republic, but former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has a plan to get it over the line next time.

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