Post-COVID travel trends

The travel industry has been irreversibly changed by COVID-19, and so have our attitudes. In a post-COVID world we can expect to see more local travel, more wellness getaways, more camping and more work away trips.


Japan’s compelling tourist campaign

The Japan National Tourism Organization has released a new campaign of compelling clips to spark interest in international travellers.


‘Fake’ pilots linked to crash

A plane crash on the 22 May, in a residential suburb, sparked an inquiry into the validity of Pakistani pilots’ licences, revealing that 262 out of 860 Pakistani pilots had fake licences.


Sicily tempts tourists

Half of your flights, one in three nights’ accommodation and all of your museum passes paid for. Would this entice you to visit this Mediterranean island?


International destinations reopening

While all international travel has been banned by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, some destinations are making plans to reopen their borders for travellers.


What is a travel bubble

The trans-Tasman travel bubble would allow the free exchange of trade and people between, and only between, Australia and New Zealand.


COVID-19 changes air travel

Airline travel hasn’t been this low since the 1960s, so how can we expect the industry to recover? Dr Dean Headley from Wichita State University explains.


Filtered flatulence for flyers

Breaking wind in an aeroplane; you can’t escape the smell of the upset passengers around you. Luckily, Shreddies has come up with a simple solution that might make you next flight a lot less embarrassing.


Surprising Chinese travellers’ wish lists

Wuhan, centre of the COVID-19 outbreak, is the most desirable getaway destination for Chinese travellers this year. As tourism gets back on its feet, citizens are keen to boost the economic recovery.


Top 30 Aussie destinations

With the coronavirus keeping wary travellers within our borders, and bushfire affected communities needing tourism more than ever, it’s the perfect time to explore our own – very large – backyard.


The cheapest time to book a cruise

Cruisewatch has reviewed its data from 2018 and revealed the best time to book a cruise on a budget. The recent report revealed that for savings of up to 59 per cent, it’s best to book at this time.


Pilot wrongly reports hijacking

A pilot on JetBlue flight 1623 accidentally told air traffic control that his plane was being hijacked, and the response was simply staggering.

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