Age Pension

Senate to debate Newstart bump

On Monday, the Senate will debate the Greens Senator Rachel Siewert’s private member’s bill to increase Newstart and Youth Allowance by $75 a week.

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Changes to volunteer requirements

Pamela is currently on Newstart and wants to know how the new participation requirements affect her.

Widow Allowance

Reapplying for widow’s allowance

Corinne lost her widow’s allowance when travelling overseas and wants to know what she needs to do to get it back, or any alternative options that may be available.

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Can I claim Newstart and super?

Iris hasn’t reached retirement age but is ready to stop working. So what are her options?

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Centrelink to face federal court

Centrelink is facing a landmark court case after Victorian Legal Aid (VLA) filed papers in the federal court on Tuesday challenging the infamous robo-debt system.

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How over 55s would fix the pension

We asked our members a few questions about how they would fix the Age Pension system and how they would tweak Centrelink payments to be fairer for everyone. Here are their responses.


Both payments woefully inadequate

With news that an Age Pension increase may be on the way, but no such joy for Newstart recipients, YourLifeChoices sought your thoughts on which one should be given priority. Here’s what you had to say …

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Age Pension or Newstart increase?

We may see an Age Pension increase in March 2019, but should Newstart payments also be increased? Which one should be a priority? Who needs it more? Tell us in our Friday Flash Poll.


PM dangles carrots for older voters

Prime Minister Scott Morrison last week announced that Age Pension increases will happen before any rise in Newstart payments – if the next Federal Budget could afford it.

Job Counselling

Ageism alive and well in jobs hunt

Ageism is alive and well in the jobs market, according to YourLifeChoices members.


Where’s my ‘fair go’?, asks Aileen

As Anglicare Australia calls for an overhaul of employment services for older people, YourLifeChoices member Aileen Reiter gives a first-hand description of the difficulties she has encountered.


Jobless seniors face health risks

The Consumers Health Forum is backing a push to lift Newstart payments by $75 a week, saying it would boost the health of recipients and save money in the long term.

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