Lift Newstart and the Age Pension

Government must consider the plight of all Australians on welfare, not just a select group.

Pension eligibility

Does Judy qualify for Newstart?

Judy says she has to retire due to poor health but is not old enough to apply for an Age Pension. Can she get a Newstart allowance?


What about the Age Pension, Tim?

The new South Australian Senator, independent Tim Storer, claims an increase to Newstart will be his key objective during his time in the Senate. But what about the Age Pension, too?

Age Pension

Pension changes target migrants

The Federal Government hopes to save $119 million over four years by restricting pension access to elderly migrants – a new bill that ethnic and welfare groups say is unfair.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Could pensioners be drug tested?

Last week’s Budget contained a proposal to randomly drug test Newstart recipients, but could this be extended to all welfare recipients in future?


Not a poor old pensioner in sight

Malcolm Turnbull last week promised a “fair and compassionate” welfare overhaul, but Bill Shorten thinks it’s just another chance to “kick the poor old pensioner”.

Minister apologises for Newstart gaff

Just over a week since Minister for Families Jenny Macklin was caught on the hop and said that she could live on $35 per day, she’s apologised for her “insensitive” comments.

Should Jenny Macklin put her money where her mouth is?

It was a case of speak first, think later when Minster for Families, Jenny Macklin answered the question on whether she could live on the Newstart Allowance with “I could”. She now faces a challenge to do just that, with acting Greens leader Adam Brandt calling for the Minister to join him as he plans to live on $35 per day for one week in February.

Australian women most economically advanced

In a week of contradicting information, a new report has found that Australian women are the world’s most economically advanced. This report comes in the wake of the debate over sexism and misogyny in Canberra, as well as the Australian Council of Social Services’s (ACOSS) report which showed that more than 2.25 million Australians are living in poverty, and the Global Wealth report by Credit Suisse which found that Australians are the richest people in the world.

Age Pension

Volunteering and Centrelink

If you are receiving Centrelink benefits volunteering can be a great alternative to paid work. Volunteering often won’t affect your payments, however it is important to find out if there are restrictions on the number of hours per week you can volunteer.


Withdrawing from a super fund

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Guy, would like to know what effect withdrawing money from his wife’s superannuation would have on his Age Pension.

Age Pension

Confused by Centrelink – Couples Query

Centrelink is now telling us the I will only get the single pension and that she will have to get Newstart and either get a job or do 15 hours per week voluntary work. Does anyone know what the correct answer is as Centrelink are very confusing?

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