Noel Whittaker warns: Beware the ‘death tax’

Are you aware of the tax that can be applied to superannuation death benefits? Noel Whittaker explains how it works and how you can avoid it.


Can Bec avoid CGT if she sells home share to a sister?

Bec and her sister have inherited the family home, but Bec is keen to sell her share to her sister and asks Noel Whittaker if she will incur a tax bill.


When does life insurance stop making sense?

Andrea asks Noel Whittaker if she should continue to pay for life insurance, while Dragrush wants to know how best to reap some cash from an investment property.

Banking & Investment

What to do with $20,000 in savings as retirement beckons

Sam and his wife both work full-time and hope to retire in three years. They are saving $20,000 each year and have asked finance guru Noel Whittaker how best to invest that money.

Finance News

What should Ginny do with a surprise financial windfall?

Everyone loves a financial windfall, but what to do with the money to make the most of your good fortune? Ginny asks Noel Whittaker for his advice.

Money Q&A

Noel Whittaker answers your money questions

What is and isn’t assessed when claiming an Age Pension can be confusing. Should you stop worrying and just spend what you have? Finance expert Noel Whittaker has his say.

Money Q&A

Noel Whittaker answers your money questions

James is confused as to whether his money is better in super or property when the time comes to claim an Age Pension, so finance guru Noel Whittaker points him in the right direction.

Money Q&A

Noel Whittaker answers your money questions

Finances in retirement can be confusing so we’ve turned to finance expert Noel Whittaker to answer your questions. This week he deals with inheritance and gifting rules.


Brexit: is your retirement in danger?

Brexit has left many people wondering about travel and passports but what about the really important issue? We ask Noel Whittaker for his take on Brexit and your retirement.


Noel Whittaker’s life lessons

For 25 years Noel Whittaker has been advising us how to keep our finances on track and to celebrate the milestone, his book, 25 years of Whitt and Wisdom brings together the questions he’s been asked over this period, and the sage answers he’s given.

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