COVID-19 could spell the end of daily delivered mail

Older Australians, who really rely upon their postal services, could be in for a huge letdown as Australia Post potentially uses the pandemic as a push to end daily mail delivery.


New support services for older Australians in lockdown

A COVID-19 hotline and a service for Australians with respiratory disease are helping to guide vulnerable groups through difficult times.


Increasing number of older Australians on the scrapheap

An ever-increasing number of older Australians are unemployed, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, just when they could be building a nest egg.


Environment the biggest concern in the latest Ipsos Issues Monitor

The latest Ipsos Issues Monitor has, for the first time, listed the environment as the nation’s biggest concern, surpassing healthcare, the cost of living and the economy.


What do this pole dancer, surfer and martial arts expert have in common?

Older Australians are dynamic, youthful and courageous, according to new research, and we shouldn’t be surprised.

Centrelink News

Older Aussies may not be exempt from proposed welfare changes

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s call for a national rollout of the cashless debit card will not only affect younger Australians, but also older Australians struggling to find employment.

Living in retirement

The plight of older renters

The number of homeless Australians aged 65 and over is growing; and in Homelessness Week, there are renewed pleas to raise government assistance by at least $75 a week and tackle unscrupulous landlords.


We are the aged. Hear us

Peter Leith is offended by reports that older Australians are “a burden on the taxpayer”. This is his response to that statement and his manifesto on how to treat older Australians.

Seniors Finance

Cost-proof your home to contain the big bills

Older Australians tell us they want to age at home, but how to keep the big household bills to a minimum? Janelle Ward offers some tips, with research from Choice investigations.


Is Ken Wyatt kidding? Or is he on to something with his ‘senior gap year’?

Minister for Aged Care and Indigenous Health Ken Wyatt addresses the National Press Club on the topic of 'Australia's New Age of Opportunity'.


Why don’t senior women win awards?

“WTF is going on with the Seniors’ Week awards,” my feisty friend asked? “Was it mates of Harvey Weinstein who made the decision?”

Health Insurance

Health insurance overhaul largely ignores older Australians

Australia’s private health insurance industry is about to have its biggest overhaul in decades, but the changes for which the Government fought so hard will only benefit younger Australians.

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