Protecting your safety – and privacy – at home

Technology that can help older Australians live in their homes for longer is already having an impact and is set to become more widely used in the next decade.

Health news

At-risk older Australians shun free vaccine

Many older at-risk Australians are failing to take advantage of a free vaccine for the potentially deadly infection pneumococcal pneumonia, health experts are warning.

Health & Ageing

Health tips for over 50s

As people move into their 50s, 60s and beyond, health problems may become more numerous and more varied.

Rent increases and CEO sleepouts

Last night 1046 CEOs of Australian companies slept out to help raise awareness and funds for those who live without a roof over their heads.


Flattering faces

Over a lifetime your skin goes through a number of changes. The two most dramatic periods of change are puberty and menopause. During menopause many women find that their skin dries out, while others develop combination or acne-prone skin. As we age how we care for our skin and apply make up needs a rethink.


Creating a winning CV

For most people creating a professional and engaging résumé is something akin to being asked to swallow castor oil. We know it will be good for us, but it’s about the last thing we want to do.

Do you have any rights?

We hear a lot of discussion about rights but do any of us really know what our rights are? And more to the point, are these rights both fair and reasonable to expect in a democratic nation such as Australia?

Movie Reviews

The voice of older Australians roars on

A couple of months ago YOURLifeChoices told you about Edna, an exciting new Australian film project, which deals with the issue of older Australians not always being heard. Thanks to the support of a terrific cast and crew, Edna will be making its way to a cinema near you soon.