Banking & Investment

Older Australians switching to banking online

While older Australians may be reluctant to actually switch banks, a growing number are happy to make the move to online banking, shunning the traditional visit to a branch.


Qantas customers warned of fake email scam

Qantas customers are being urged to stay alert for an email phishing scam promising rewards of cash and frequent flyer points in exchange for participating in a survey.


How to stop Facebook snooping around

You may not realise but Facebook is stalking your activity interests and then targeting you with ads that it thinks you’ll like. Today, find out how to stop Facebook snooping around too much.


Don’t fall foul to scammers

While some scams are easy to spot, there are others that can catch us unaware. So, what are the five things to look for that simply scream ‘scam’?


Three things to look for at the online checkout

Whether you’re an online shopping pro or just a novice, these three things to look for at the online checkout will save you time and help you avoid problems down the track.


‘Locky’ ransomware scam is duping tens of thousands of Australians

Another crafty scam has hit Australian shores, this time cyber criminals are ‘scraping’ social media accounts to find personal information that can be used to ransom your computer. n

Technology News

Never again forget your passwords

What if there was a website that remembered all your passwords and logged in automatically to your favourite websites anytime? Presenting, LastPass.

Safety Online

How to make a strong password

Creating a memorable and hack-proof internet password is the best way to ensure your online security. So how do you go about it?


Avoid online dating scams

Online dating can be a great way to meet that special someone, but buyer beware, your online honey might be the face of a nasty scam. Find out how to spot and avoid online dating scams and what to do if a scammer contacts you.

Safety Online

One billion passwords stolen

A Russian gang has stolen over one billion usernames and passwords from over 420,000 websites. How could this happen?

Safety Online

Top 10 most popular passwords

Are your online accounts secure? Or have you been unknowingly using one of the top 10 most popular internet passwords?

Safety Online

Credit report scam

It is common knowledge that you shouldn’t click links in unsolicited emails, but many Australians interests have been piqued by the latest scam offering a free credit report.

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