How to make your email account hacker-proof

Your email is an access point for all of your online accounts. If it's hacked, everything can be compromised, so why not take two simple steps to make your email more secure.


Older Australians are the most-targeted demographic for scams

Australians lost almost $230 million last year to crafty cons both online and over the phone – and older Australians were the primary target for cyber criminals.


New malware scam targets Aussie mobile banking apps

Sophisticated malware that can steal passwords and bypass two-factor authentication is targeting users of Australian mobile banking apps. Could you be at risk?

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Best password managers

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember all the unique passwords that are meant to keep our information safe and secure, so we’ve found five of the best password managers to assist.

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One billion passwords stolen

A Russian gang has stolen over one billion usernames and passwords from over 420,000 websites. How could this happen?

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Facebook video scams

Suspicious video links are cropping up all over Facebook, find out how to protect yourself from this new scam.

ASIO headquarters hacked

Blueprints of ASIO’s new headquarters have been hacked

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Credit report scam

It is common knowledge that you shouldn’t click links in unsolicited emails, but many Australians interests have been piqued by the latest scam offering a free credit report.


Top five security tips

Drew shares his top five common-sense security tips to keep your personal information secure.

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The future of internet security

While similar devices have been around for two years in the online gaming industry, Google is set to be one of the first websites to put in place offline security in the form of passdevices.

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How to eBay

Shopping on eBay can save you a fortune over the holiday season. But how do you get started, stay safe and, most importantly, win the items you want? Find out how with Rachel’s guide to eBay.