Online grocery shoppers a lucrative market: research

If you do the bulk of your grocery shopping online and believe you are saving money by avoiding impulse purchases, you may be in for a shock.


How to delete yourself from the internet

If you’re worried that anyone can access information about you, fear not – it’s easy to make yourself digitally disappear. Here's how to do it.


New Google Chrome extension enhances your online safety

Google has just released a must download extension for its internet browser Google Chrome.

Identity Theft

$478 million stolen from Australians last year

Card-not-present crime hit a new high last year with $478 million stolen from Australians accounts in 1.8 million transactions.


Why you must switch on two-factor authorisation

Facebook, Instagram, Hotmail, Gmail and Twitter all offer users the ability to use two-factor authorisation to keep their accounts secure. So why should you activate this feature?

Credit Cards

Online shopping has never been riskier, report shows

Online shopping with credit and debit cards has never been riskier with almost $500 million stolen in 2017, according to new figures released this week.

Safety Online

Data breaches makes it vital you follow this advice

Reports of data breaches are becoming increasing common, but that’s no reason to become complacent with your online security, writes criminology lecturer Cassandra Cross.*


Simple ways to keep your identity safe online

Most of us use the internet every day, but how safe is it? Almost 900,000 Australians were victims of identity theft last year. Here’s how to safeguard your identity online.

Computer Tutorials

Older Australians suffering from digital inclusion gap

While many older Australians are embracing digital life through online engagement, there is a disproportionate number who do not have an understanding of digital and online technologies.

Grief and Loss

What happens to your cyber life when your real life ends?

A new national study has found that most Australians are unprepared for death and disability when it comes to their digital assets.


Online directories narrow search for trustworthy tradies

Short of word-of-mouth recommendations, referring to online directories is a good way of getting a feel for whether or not a repairman is likely to be trustworthy.


Don't post these five things on social media

Sharing may be caring, but not when it’s done online. Before you write your next online musing, consider these five things you should never post on social media.

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