Will libraries survive the ebook revolution?

A library is much more than just a book warehouse; it’s an important cornerstone for a healthy community. Libraries give people the opportunity to broaden…


Abandon Australia Day and choose the history we want to celebrate?

Australia Day claims to be about unifying all Australians and yet, ironically, it's a divisive day for many.


Be brave, but not stupid, and travel your way

Baby boomers were born to be rebels, but have tech-savvy generations left us in the shade?


“It’s time to unmask the crooks”, say irate members

Irate YourLifeChoices members have their say on all that’s wrong in the energy sector.


Assisted dying Bill passes the Victorian Parliament lower house.

What does the new assisted dying Bill really mean for older Victorians – and possibly all older Australians – should other states follow Victoria’s lead?


Art student wants to make luxury handbags from human skin

A Slovenian fashion student wants to make fashion accessories using the late Alexander McQueen’s cloned skin. Her idea may be a bit creepy, but is it really an ethical concern?


He said, she said: the dethroning of Miss Great Britain, Zara Holland

Leon and Amelia weigh in on the recent dethroning of Miss Great Britain after she, contrary to an agreement with the Miss Great Britain organisation, had sex on reality television.

Age Pension

Age Pension: a new report says that the Age Pension is unfair

It’s unrealistic to expect the Age Pension to increase over time and unfair to future generations to expect them to fund it. Or so says a new report.


Ultra Tune to appeal the ban of its ‘sexist’ advertisement

Car-servicing franchise Ultra Tune will appeal a decision to have its new ad banned for allegedly vilifying women. Why was it banned? I’m not sure. What’s your opinion?


This is what happens when you get angry at a stranger

We’ve all been annoyed at strangers at some time or another. But what really happens when we allow ourselves to get angry at the actions of others?


Do you want to see Miranda Kerr naked?

Personally, I don’t but it seems that having the Aussie model naked in Harper’s Bazaar magazine is big news, even though Playboy is getting stars to cover up.

Is Kim Kardashian just like you?

Are celebrities like normal people? Do they bleed blood like us, or is that gold running through their veins? Socialite Kim Kardashian has answered this burning question.

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