What you need to know about bone health

When was the last time you checked on the health of your bones? Here’s why you should ask your GP for a test today.


Health condition affecting older Aussies linked to air pollution

As smoke from bushfires shrouds our cities, scientists have made a worrying discovery.


How well do you know your bones?

In Australia it is estimated there will be over 165,000 broken bones due to poor bone health in 2018. Professor Peter Ebeling AO Medical Director of Osteoporosis Australia believes many of these fractures could and should be prevented.


How well do you know your bones?

The World Osteoporosis Day 2017 message is 'Love your Bones, Protect your Future'. Time to check out your bones with the Know Your Bones online self-assessment! It only takes a few minutes.


Why improving muscle, bone and joint health can’t wait

A different approach to treatment would help the 6.8 million Australians struggling from muscle, bone and joint conditions, a new report by PwC has found.


Best supplements for osteoporosis

Our physiotherapist expert Jason Lee answers Anne’s question about the best supplements to take for osteoporosis. In particular, she wants to know whether calcium tablets help.


Five bone-strengthening exercises

When it comes to increasing bone strength, not just any exercise will do. To help you reduce your risk of osteoporosis – or having a fall or fracture – we share five bone-strengthening exercises.

Health Checks

What your mouth says about you

Can your mouth tell you about your overall health? From kidney disease to osteoporosis, what’s happening in your mouth can say a lot about the rest of your body.


Five surprising foods for your bones

Calcium is not the only important nutrient for healthy bones; vitamin D, potassium and magnesium are also essential. So with that in mind, here are five surprising foods for good bone health.


Are dairy-free diets a risk to your bone health?

Many people are cutting cow’s milk from their diets these days, but is it safe or are you leaving yourself open to osteoporosis?

Health news

Should you be worried that you’re getting shorter?

Although loss of height commonly occurs with ageing, a significant loss of height may also be an indicator of osteoporosis. Should you be worried about getting shorter?


Take the Know your bones assessment

Osteoporosis affects over 1 million Australians and over 155,000 broken bones are expected this year from poor bone health.

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