The most remarkable and remote Irish pubs from around the world

No matter how far you travel, one thing's for sure - you're likely to come across an Irish pub.


The five cheapest countries in the world to retire

Leaving Australia is going to get increasingly easier as the world continues to get vaccinated and if you don't want to come home, you might consider retiring in these countries.


Why Ajman is the sunshine destination everyone should know about

Dubai is great for a short blast of glitz, but skyscraper fatigue soon hits. Georgia Humphreys heads to nearby emirate Ajman for some serious R&R.

Tours & Trips

Unique tours that promise to show you a whole new world

Tours are meant to give travellers an authentic experience of a country, but some of these take that perhaps a little too literally.


Air safety features include RATS, secret bedroom, bleed hole

Modern aircraft include safety features hidden in plain sight, including a bleed hole, RATS, the William Shatner Seat, and a secret bedroom.

Travel Experiences

Six whale-watching hot spots that will blow you away

With whale-watching season fast approaching, it's time to round up the best spots to view nature's most magnificent mammals as they flip and frolic off the east coast.

Travel News

Will Australia or New Zealand benefit from the travel bubble most?

The New Zealand tourism industry is likely to reap the greater benefit from the opening of the trans-Tasman bubble, research suggests.


How we can make better use of Australian airports

Airports haven't seen much action in the past 12 months, but they could still be working for us.


Beyond borscht: Why Russia is a gourmet delight

This transcontinental country is relatively uncharted territory for food tourism. Ed Elliot joins a new culinary tour to discover more.


Tourism helping WA's whale sharks and the best time to see them

Around the world whale sharks are declining, but Ningaloo's best practice tourism is helping this endangered species to thrive.


Trans-Tasman travel bubble: What should the tourism industry expect?

The trans-Tasman bubble is here, but how much will the open borders revive tourism?


The only good news for overseas travel

Many are now predicting international air travel may not fully recover until 2024, which is bad news for Qantas and anyone thinking they would see foreign soil by the end of the year.

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