How we can make better use of Australian airports

Airports haven't seen much action in the past 12 months, but they could still be working for us.


Beyond borscht: Why Russia is a gourmet delight

This transcontinental country is relatively uncharted territory for food tourism. Ed Elliot joins a new culinary tour to discover more.


Tourism helping WA's whale sharks and the best time to see them

Around the world whale sharks are declining, but Ningaloo's best practice tourism is helping this endangered species to thrive.


Trans-Tasman travel bubble: What should the tourism industry expect?

The trans-Tasman bubble is here, but how much will the open borders revive tourism?


The only good news for overseas travel

Many are now predicting international air travel may not fully recover until 2024, which is bad news for Qantas and anyone thinking they would see foreign soil by the end of the year.


Tips for getting a good night's sleep on holiday

Jane Chung from sleep and meditation app Calm shares her advice for successfully snoozing on the move.


What will it take for travel to get restarted again?

Maraid is encouraged by the travel bubble with New Zealand opening up and wonders what needs to happen before we can travel to other parts of the world.


The unbelievable software flaw that led to a major flight incident

Flight software that assumed all passengers with the title 'Miss' were children causes serious flight issue.


Breathtaking views from the world's tallest skyscrapers

Who needs drones, when you have skyscrapers? Here are the amazing views from five of the world's tallest buildings.


Travel SOS: When will cruising restart in Australia?

With the travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand set to reopen, will we see cruising restart earlier than expected?


Eastern Europe is an untapped tourism goldmine

Tourism is definitely starting to build in this corner of the world, so plan your trip as soon as possible to avoid the crowds.

Solo Travel

Travel guru predicts increased wanderlust in post-COVID world

Lockdowns and border closures have fuelled the desire to travel.

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