Packing tricks for simpler travel

Make packing your suitcase for your next holiday a breeze. These travel packing tricks will have you packing lighter and smarter.


How to pack your overnight bag

Going on a short sortie somewhere? Lucky you! Here’s how to make sure your packing is as simple and straightforward as your trip.


Travel: here’s how to cut back on your excess (travel) baggage

Overpacking is a common problem – so here are some strategies to make packing for your next trip a lot easier.


Got glasses? This travel gadget is for you

It can be easy enough to break your glasses at the best of times let alone when you’re on the road travelling. Thankfully there’s now an easy way to carry multiple pairs with care.


How to pack for a winter weekend away

Packing for a winter holiday is no mean feat. That said, keeping warm doesn’t mean that you need to increase your baggage allowance. Here’s how to pack your carry-on bag for a winter trip.


Never use a hotel safe again

Forget trying to set and remember the code to your hotel room safe. Pacsafe has developed a portable version that ensures your valuables are secure, wherever you are.


Packing too much? Here are six simple tips to make you a packing pro

Packing is an art – a skill with which I am not blessed. And yet, after a few fails, I’m much better at it. Here are some lessons I’ve learnt that have helped me to evolve from packing novice to packing pro.


Noni Hazlehurst shares her travel musts

Much-loved actor Noni Hazlehurst is a firm favourite with YourLifeChoices’ members. Recently she toured regional Australia in Daniel Keene’s play Mother. She took time out to share her take on travel.


Frequent flyer: what’s in the bag?

There is a definite art to correctly packing and managing your carry-on luggage. Here we take a sneak peek into one of our frequent flyers hand luggage to see what’s in her bag.


Foldable luggage: four of the best

We need to talk about foldable luggage. Not only is it a thing, it is one of the critical items you musn’t leave home without. Read on to find out why it’s the new spare pair of underwear…


Hang bags have been reimagined

Regardless of whether you roll or fold, it seems there is yet to be a crush-free way to carry clothes when travelling. Thankfully, hang bags have had a genius makeover that you will love.


What to pack for your cruise wardrobe

So you’ve chosen your cruise, but what about the all-important wardrobe? SJ’s tips will keep you looking your best, day and night, with minimal fuss.

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