What to pack for your cruise wardrobe

So you’ve chosen your cruise, but what about the all-important wardrobe? SJ’s tips will keep you looking your best, day and night, with minimal fuss.


Your packing prayers answered

Is it a bag? Is it a suitcase? It’s hard to say exactly but one thing is certain, the Rolo Travel Bag is sure to change the way you pack and travel forever.


12 packing shortcuts that will ensure your belongings arrive in one piece

So you’ve managed to zip your suitcase shut. Congratulations! But how will your belongings arrive at the other end? Here are 12 packing hacks for the next time you travel.


Five essentials for a day in the city

Packing is a challenge at the best of times, but when you have to fit everything into a day bag, it can seem downright impossible. These five essentials should cover your bases.


Best daypacks for travelling

It can be challenging to find the right travelling companion, and we’re not just talking about the living and breathing version. Here are four of the best daypacks for your travel needs.

Travel News

This travel accessory makes carrying multiple bags a breeze

Battling with multiple bags while struggling through transit is a thing of the past, thanks to this nifty accessory.


How to create a travel survival kit

Going on a trip? Here are the 12 most important things you should take to ensure you’re prepared for all the situations travel throws your way.


How to create a capsule travel wardrobe

Packing is hard at the best of times but the concept of a capsule wardrobe makes the whole process much easier. Here’s how to create a capsule wardrobe for your next trip away.


Travel: five wacky gadgets that are actually quite ingenious

Trouble fitting shoes into your suitcase? Running late for a flight? These problems and more have been solved by some brilliant brains with these wacky but wonderful travel gadgets.

Travel News

Travel gadget – handy rain hood

Packing for a short trip has just become a little easier with this nifty rain hood that will enable you to leave your rain jacket at home.


The best suitcase for travelling

Whether you only travel on the odd occasion or consider yourself quite the international jetsetter, your luggage can either make or, quite literally, break your trip.

Travel Gadget: Chair cooler from Target

The perfect travel accessory to help you make the most of summer, the Wembley Chair Cooler makes kicking back and enjoying a cold drink easier than ever. n

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