Pain Management

A neurologist answers some common migraine questions

Far more than ‘just a headache’, there’s still a lot of misunderstanding around migraine. Lisa Salmon talks to neurologist Dr Ben Turner to get the answers to some common questions.

Pain Management

Pain in the buttock? Here’s how to tell if it’s sciatica

Sciatica can make life a misery. Here we find out more about this common cause of leg pain.

Pain Management

Is this what’s causing your back pain?

We take you through seven common causes of back pain and how to – hopefully – help you find some relief.

Pain Management

Four types of headaches and what they’re trying to tell you

Dull persistent pain behind the temples, or burning pressure around the eyes? We break down four different types of headache.

Health news

Your everyday choices may be causing you pain

Often, the cause of our pain comes from the simple choices we make every day. Here are a few examples of how everyday actions could be causing you harm.


All about headaches: what’s causing your pain?

Not all headaches are created equal. Learning which headache is causing you pain is essential to treating it correctly. Here are five common types of headache and how to relieve each one.


Pain management

Living with chronic pain can be debilitating and emotionally difficult. Managing chronic pain may be the first step to an easier, more comfortable lifestyle, but how do you start?


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