Pain relief beyond the pill bottle

When you’re in pain – whether it’s a dull ache or sharper sensation – nothing else seems to matter. But rather than reaching for the drugs, what can you do to ease your pain naturally?


Nurofen fined $6 million for furphy

Whether it's a sore head, back or joints, being in pain can really get you down so it’s hardly surprising that people were so keen to purchase pain relief marketed at tackling specific pain. But the giant furphy peddled by Nurofen has cost it dearly.

Your Health

Painful sinuses: natural remedies to ease the ache

With hayfever season in full swing, a stuffy nose and painful sinuses can only make you feel worse. Rather than heading to the medicine cabinet, why not try these natural remedies?

Alternative Therapies

The wonder of natural pain relief

If you think you’re popping enough pills, perhaps you should consider a more natural method of pain relief.