What is osteoporosis and why does it matter? Can you reverse it?

Around 20 per cent of Australians over the age of 75 have osteoporosis. So, what is osteoporosis and why does it matter? Physiotherapist Kate Roberts explains how to prevent and manage osteoporosis.


Why is low back pain such a pain? How can you fix it?

For better or for worse, some people live with low back pain and accept it as part of their daily lives. But they don't have to - not if they follow these simple tips, says physiotherapist Kate Roberts.


Is exercise as good as medicine?

We all know exercise is good for us, but is it better than medicine? Physiotherapist Kate Roberts explains the benefits of exercise and how it can be better for us than popping pills.

Pain Management

Seven ways to manage pain without reaching for the painkillers

Drugs can be important in pain management - but they're only part of the picture.

Health news

Researchers aim to enhance self-produced painkillers

A new study identifies a way to enhance self-produced painkillers in mice, offering hope that human beings might be able to activate the body's pain-killing capacity without using addictive opioids.

Health news

Paracetamol not proven effective for most pain relief, says study

A University of Sydney study questions whether paracetamol works, saying it would not be approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration if it came on the market now.

Pain Management

'How I have stopped chronic pain from defining my life'

'I have been in pain for up to 50 hours a week, for about 20 years. Here's the interesting bit - I am happy.'


Opioid use down after successful NSW back pain trial

A randomised trial involving 4500 people across four NSW hospitals saw a 12 per cent decrease in opioid use by people reporting acute back pain.


Three expert tips on managing chronic pain

One in five Australians have experienced chronic pain, which can cause stress, isolation and reduce quality of life. An expert shares three tips on how to manage chronic pain.

Alternative Therapies

10 pain fighting foods

For many Australians, pain is a daily experience, leaving them reaching time and time again for the medicine cabinet. These 10 foods can help to prevent and ease pain naturally.

Pain Management

Mind over matter – the dictates of pain

Dr Bernadette Fitzgibbon questions whether, instead of trying to address chronic pain itself, a treatment could change how a person experiences that pain and thereby reduce the distress.

Health essentials

What health support can you get if you have a chronic condition?

Private health insurance can enable you to receive a high level of care and affordable access to allied health services that are often not covered by the public system.

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