Three expert tips on managing chronic pain

One in five Australians have experienced chronic pain, which can cause stress, isolation and reduce quality of life. An expert shares three tips on how to manage chronic pain.

Alternative Therapies

10 pain fighting foods

For many Australians, pain is a daily experience, leaving them reaching time and time again for the medicine cabinet. These 10 foods can help to prevent and ease pain naturally.

Pain Management

Mind over matter – the dictates of pain

Dr Bernadette Fitzgibbon questions whether, instead of trying to address chronic pain itself, a treatment could change how a person experiences that pain and thereby reduce the distress.

Health essentials

What health support can you get if you have a chronic condition?

Private health insurance can enable you to receive a high level of care and affordable access to allied health services that are often not covered by the public system.

Pain Management

Cannabis oil products could soon be available over the counter

The Therapeutic Goods Administration acts to allow cannabidiol products to be sold over the counter at pharmacies.

Health news

Patients who mark down their doctors, pharmacists

A survey of chronic pain patients has revealed that relationships between doctors and pharmacists and their clients have worsened in the past year.


The truth about topical pain relievers

Topical pain relievers are those you apply to your skin rather than take orally. They can be especially effective for arthritic symptoms, sore joints and muscles. They may also be a healthy and affordable alternative to painkilling pills.

Health & Ageing

How colder weather affects our muscles and joints

Do your joints and muscles ache more in winter? The experts tell why that is likely and what lifestyle and dietary changes are most likely to help.


Serious symptoms you should not ignore

When something doesn’t feel right, it can be difficult to decide when you need to seek medical attention. These are the warning signs you should never ignore.


One in five mature Australians suffering chronic pain

More Australians than ever visited their GP for chronic pain in 2015-16, and an estimated 1.6 million people aged 45 and over lived with persistent, ongoing pain in 2016.


How to control nerve pain

Nerve pain is a type of chronic pain that affects one in 20 Australians.


Survey reveals why so many Aussies are burnt out

The health conditions that are hurting too many Australians.

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